Group Picture Spruce Lake 2019

Cedar Hall Meeting Room

Spruce Lake Retreat 2019

What We Believe:

That salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ is the beginning of a journey with God to the discovery of the abundant life our Savior promised in John 10:10.  That the secrets to discovering abundant life are clearly proclaimed in the first 3 chapters of Genesis within the Holy Scriptures.  Like our first father Adam, we men were designed by God to:

  • Live life boldly in God's Larger Story
  • Discover and live out our divine glory and purpose
  • Know and follow God's simple wisdom
  • Live as authentic men in freedom and without fear
  • Walk with God in the cool of the evening

We believe that a man's primary purpose is to honor and serve God and His sons and daughters.  Our journey as Christian men must be in search of these five tenets of abundant life if we are to fulfill this purpose and become the men that God designed us to be.